Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope you all have had some amazing holidays with time spend with friends and family.  For all of the people who received some of my work for Christmas i hope you thoroughly enjoy them.  

The beginning of this year has been absolutely slammed for me with all sorts of things to keep me busy.  I finally finished the house renovation project i started last year and I'm so happy with it and with the amazing people we have living there now.  We actually got a new house, that I'm moving into by the end of the month, the week before i finished the first house.  I've been quite busy ripping off wallpaper, painting, and putting up new fixtures.  The floors are getting refinished and I'm putting up new molding/trim early this next week.  The timeline is tight but I'll make it work so i can get back in the studio to make new work. 

I am so excited to get back in the studio and flush out some ideas that have been banging around in my head for a while now.  I'm also excited to be able to collaborate on some new work with my girlfriend Amy Gallagher, so look for some of that in the next few months. 

To those of you who are eagerly awaiting pieces for valentines day,  please email me and ask.  I do not currently have everything online and I'm trying to get new things made to have them shipped out in time for v-day.  I'm not sure if ill have a new load out beforehand, but i sure will try.

In other news, I've joined up with some amazing people at Asheville Ceramics Gallery (a cooperative gallery).  Check us out at www.AshevilleCeramics.com and in the front of the Phil Mechanic Building in the River Arts District.  Its actually right around the corner from my studio, which is convenient.  Come and check us out from 10-5 Tuesday through Saturday.  I am also working at the Gallery today (Tuesday) and Wednesday.

Asheville Ceramics Gallery
109 Roberts Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Hope everyone is having an amazing start to the year!!