A little about me and how i got here


Like many other artists, my path to ceramics was not linear.  Drawing from my interest in machinery, architecture, and design, I started my college career studying mechanical engineering at Clemson University.  I took a glass blowing workshop one summer where I became intrigued by sculpting with fire.  That is when I began to seriously consider pursuing art.  I transferred to Anderson University and after taking my first ceramics class, I fell in love with clay.  I was compelled by its tactile nature: how it could be shaped on the wheel, sculpted, and then changed back to stone through the help of fire.

The teapot form captivated me and I began throwing, extruding, cutting and assembling sculptural teapots.  After graduating from Anderson, I moved to Asheville, NC to be a Resident Artist at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts.   Shortly after I settled into my new studio, the steel fabrication facility across the street began to be torn down.  Watching the excavator tear apart the place where its components could have been made brought me back to my original interest in the mechanical word.  Incorporating this aesthetic of industrial components into my work has melded perfectly with my process of assemblage and interest in detailed carving.  My current body of work has blossomed from the teapot form into more functional and sculptural directions.  After I completed my residency, I chose to stay in Asheville and had a small cooperative studio right in front of the railroad tracks in the River Arts District where I continued to draw inspiration from industrialization.  Iā€™m now working to complete construction of my new home studio but am always staying engaged with the vibrant Asheville ceramics community.